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Element Candle. (NO TEA)
Xol y Luna

Element Candle. (NO TEA)

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This order will have only a candle! Tea's are out of stock till April 2021


Earth Air Fire Water 

These 4 elements make up all the zodiac signs. 

Each element comes with a beautifully scented hand-poured soy candle and a curated tea made with so much love and intention. 


EARTH: Coffee and Cacao scented Candle // Tea-  Green Tea, Mint and Lemon Balm 

AIR: Sweet subtle melon and Lotus scented Candle // Tea- Chamomile and Yarrow 

FIRE: Wood and Spice scented Candle // Tea -Hibiscus, Elderberry, and Raspberry Leaf 

WATER: Sea Salt and Lemon-scented Candle  // Tea- Butterfly Pea and Tulsi