Fixed Intention Ancestor Candle

Xol y Luna

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Fixed Intention Prayer Candles blessed and hand made by La Yerbera Moderna. 

 Ancestors : Tabacco + Shungite + Nutmeg

Flowers and herbs are from my personal garden or locally sourced. Only high-quality herbs, oils, and crystals are used. Each candle is handcrafted and unique with varying raw ingredients - no two are exactly the same. Meaning, your item might vary slightly from what is pictured. So much love and intentions have gone into these candles. If there is a certain request on what you would like to be prayed on to your candle please write in the note section. 


Keep in mind that while this candle is scented with specific herbs and oils, it is to be used for manifestation, not just to scent the home. As with any Intention Candles, outcomes are the result of the energy and intention YOU put behind it. The power comes from YOU.